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    Henan province's largest private textile enterprises——Wugang silver dragon group,Is the collection of textile、Plastic woven、Textile trade and import and export business in the integration of large joint-stock private enterprise。Subordinate galaxy textile company、Jin hui textile co., LTD、Long xiang textile co., LTD、Longshan textile technology co., LTD、银丰纸管、Kingway leather industry, etc6A branch。The existing cotton spinning spindles50Thousands of pieces,Cover an area of an area57Million square meters,Enterprise employees5000Many people, Now has total assets... 【In more detail】
Subordinate enterprises
Dragon textile
Is the leather industry
Jin hui textile
Enterprise honor
Wugang textile Milky Way
Fourth session of the standing council
Galaxy textile won the national textile industry
The national textile industry award
Private enterprises100To be strong
Honor exhibition room
Wugang silver dragon group won the social help
Wugang yinhe textile co., LTD
Corporate news
· Wugang silver dragon group is held ceremoniously“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that 2019-09-19
· Autumn student|Hope the truth,Silver dragon help you interpret a dream 2019-08-24
· Bright student,Love is priceless!Silver dragon group practice public welfare fund 2019-08-21
· Municipal party committee secretary of the AD led the city four team leaders to yunlong 2019-08-13
· Theme party class education projects | stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission,To send 2019-07-27
· Wugang federation of trade unions“Send cool and refreshing”Condolences to the company a line worker 2019-07-27
· Post training skills Tournament technology (see article) 2019-07-27
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Fully automatic single yarn strength
Article uri stern dry instrument
· USTER AFIS PRO 22014-05-31
· Our equipment2014-05-31
· Reduce the yarn end breakage of technology and management measures2014-03-11
· USTER HVI 10002012-10-10
· Fully automatic single yarn strength tester2012-10-10
· Article uri stern dry instrument2009-04-12
Industry news
· 【Knowledge】In addition to raw materials,How to improve yarn strength?2018-11-14
· 【Special attention】Minister of the ministry:Let private enterprises enjoy the policy2018-11-07
· The research of xinjiang cotton supply side reform implementation2018-11-07
· Narrowing of both at home and abroad Domestic cotton advantage2016-03-19
· XinJiangMian difference to ChanMian and high FangQi purchasing power to increase2014-12-11
· 9Provinces for the textile industry“High tax deduction”2014-12-10
· Our country will cancel and down domestic trade circulation field examination and approval for the record2014-12-10
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Combed cotton
Combed cotton
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Combed cotton thread
Combed cotton compact spinning line
Pure cotton combed yarn
High compact spinning
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